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Wow- Great Day For The Falcons- Blowout Kc And No, Car, Gb Lose


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For week one of the regular season, it don't get much better than this...

Tough call for which was better, Saints or Panthers going down. I'm a little more inclined to go with the Panthers because I've been force fed all offseason about how Cam is the second coming, so to see him fall flat was pretty sweet (though the Bucs and their run, run, pass, punt scheme they borrowed from Mularkey almost flushed it away).

I had a feeling the Saint D was going to be terrible, but that was great. The best part is that both games were more about how bad they were rather than how good the other team was. The bucs Def looked good but their offense, especially in the second half was very pedestrian. The Saints are in for a long year if they play like that week in and week out...

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Even better, either Carolina or the Taints will be 0-2 after next week!

Just about to post that myself. Bucs are at the Giants too, either the Bucs will be 1-1 or the Giants 0-2.

Falcons have to take care of business next week.

Plus, all the Ryan trolls are incensed by his performance. Been a good football week.

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Carolina was also awful. Their defense didn't look much better than last year, and their offense was ****. The really sad thing about their loss is that Tampa did not look that great. Better than last year, yes, but not great. Schiano should not be satisfied b/c if they play like that all year, they're looking at 8-8 at best.

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