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T-Falcons Post-Game Thoughts


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  1. Matt Ryan: completed 74% of his passes, going 23-31 for 299 yds & 3 TDs, plus a rushing TD. Ryan had a 136.4 QB rating
  2. Turner- Meh, he has slowed down, sorry its true
  3. Quizz is a monster than can just simply do it all, 77 yard return, good runs I like it.
  4. Julio………….Monster top 2 Reciever…….. Calvin then Julio
  5. Roddy- Looked really good
  6. Gonzo got his Td and did his dunk over the goal, very nice at the urging of Matt Ryan.
  7. O-Line only allowed 1 Sack, and I think that was the only time Ryan was touched, Good job Oline
  8. Baker was not the one that allowed the Sack!
  9. D-Line and Secondary struggled in getting pressure in the first half but came back in the second half and MADE ADJUSTMENTS! Much improved after that but we still have issues on our pass coverage and 3rd downs.
  10. Moore and decoud looked Good Moore got a Pick
  11. Nicholas looked really good made lots of tackles and got a pick. Did a great job in sealing edges.
  12. Overall Great team effort, great coaching effort

1-0 Falcons

0-1 Saints ahahhahah rookie broke records on them today

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It was a take of two halves on defense imho secondary did not look that bad yes there were completions but not a lot of yards after the catch. Plus nobody got burned the one rd catch was a simply amazing throw and catch. The coverage would have looked much better had we dialed up the pressure more 4 man rush was just not getting it done. However love the halftime adjustments it really made the difference today.

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