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I know its ESPN and they are the same people that hype guys like Tebow, but according to these ranking options, Turner (The NFC's leading rusher from a year ago, top 3 in the NFL) isnt even a top 15 back in the league. Look, I understand hes 30 and I get that he isnt supposed to get as many carries this season, but the NFC's leading rusher isnt even on the list??? And their arent even any comments on the site asking where Turner is. Is the national media really that biased or am I just stupid?

Options include:













Steven Jackson

Fred Jackson


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I wish I could say I'm surprised. It's not that any of those guys are bad backs, because they are all very very talented, but yeah, like you said, Turner has been among the most productive backs in the league. Matthews hasn't done anything in my opinion except play for an over hyped San Diego team. And Murray has had 5 career 100 yard games.

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Guest Negatorris

People like 'exciting' rushers. Not pound and ground guys like Turner. Even me who is down on Turner a lot, knows he is at least a top 15.

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Wow. That is ridiculous. Some of those guys have yet to do anything at all. Some are injury prone. Two things that Turner is not.

But that is ok with me. Turner will just keep trucking to 10+ td and 1000 yds like he always does. I will take production over recognition anyday of the week. He may not be top 15 in a poll but he will be in real life stats.

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It not it's ppl outside of the Falcons nation calling for his premature demsie, it's quite a few folks on this MB echoing the same and it's puzzling.

Ill admit, Ive been a little tough on him this offseason because of the fact that he isnt a very good receiver and I feel like RB's in today's NFL need to be able be a receiving threat. However, there is no way inhell that Turner should be anywhere outside of the top 10, probably deserves top 5 recognition. Just more motiviation I guess.

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