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My Fantasy Team, Opinions Please?

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Okay, I do a fantasy football league every year and I've yet to win the Fantasy SB yet. Here's my team and my backups, any help on who I should start is welcome, I've done research and all but I'm always open to opinions.

I might just have the worst WR corp in my leage, but I'm loaded at HB, I have a fantastic QB, got the best kicker in the league, and a great defense.

QB: Matt Ryan

HB1: Chris Johnson

HB2: Jamaal Charles

WR1: Pierre Garcon

WR2: Reggie Wayne

TE: Coby Fleener

W/R Justin Blackmon

K: David Akers

Def: Falcons


QB-Andrew Luck

HB-Ben Tate

WR-Danny Amendola

WR-Greg Little

WR- Laurent Robinson

DEF- 49ers.

What do you guys think? any roster changes I should make? Should I interchange any of my starters with the benchwarmers?

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You're Wr aren't that bad, but you could probably bundle two of them to get a Solid Wr. Luck will throw the ball a lot. That will be good for Reggie.

I could trade Garcon and Wayne for say, Welker or Marshall? Then I could have Blackmon and Amendola as my 2&3. But I'm not sure that's worth it. My plan was to play Wayne and Garcon a couple weeks and see how they turn out, they COULD have great years.

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