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Anyone Else Having Issues With ....?


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Guest Negatorris

Is anyone else having a lot of problems with the popular streaming sites such as firstrow? Last year they worked great but this year I cannot get any of the links to work. It's killing me!

Works just fine for me.

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I know a great streaming site. As HD as they come. It does cost but it is a fraction of what you would pay through Comcast or DirecTV for almost every game. He offers a 2 day trial for $3.00, which isnt anything as long as I get to watch the Falcons play. The guy that runs it offers 8 Channels and one of them is RedZone, right now until bye weeks begin there are 9 games that can be shown at the 1pm slot but there are only 7 channels other than RedZone so I need more Falcons fans on the site in order to keep the Falcons game on, he puts up polls to see which games should be displayed. Its an awesome site that ive been going to for a little over a year now, I use the thing as a substitute for cable actually. If you guys want to know the name of the site message me, I refuse to put it out on the boards or anywhere else for fear of it getting shut down.

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