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Sunday Falcons Chiefs Predictions


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We finally get to see our Falcons take the field in less than 24 hours. Its been a long off season and I'd say its been a pretty good one. 2 new promising coordinators and no police reports. So let's break down the first game...

I see a fast start for Atlanta. no huddle offense clicks and we score early to take the life out of the fans. We stretch the field and get the screen game going. The chiefs have no favorable match ups in the secondary. I see touch Downs for everyone. Julio, toddy, Tony, and quizz. Matt throws for 320 and 4 touch Downs. Bryant goes 2-2 falcons score 34 points. Defense plays lights out. Spoon has his boys fired and they will wreak havoc on chiefs. Chiefs score 13 with a td coming when its late. Go ahead and place your bets. I do ask that you give me 10% of your winnings. I have a pay pal set up for your convenience.

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I doubt its TD for everyone....but maybe.

I know at least one of our WRs will have a very big day.....KC is just too banged up on D to stop it.

I think Quizz gets in the endzone.

I think the pass blocking is good but against inferior competition. But still, a confidence booster.

We pick two balls off....but we lose a fumble.

Dwayne Bowe has 80 yards receiving and a TD

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The Kansas City Chiefs could be without up to six starting defensive players against the Atlanta Falcons. defensive end Allen Bailey (ankle), safety Kendrick Lewis (shoulder), defensive tackle Anthony Toribio (ankle) are doubtful. Linebacker Jovan Belcher (groin), cornerback Brandon Flowers (foot) and linebacker Derrick Johnson (ankle) are questionable. Flowers and Johnson were limited in practice all week, so they have a decent shot to play. Rookie Dontari Poe will play a bigger role with Toribo out.

I knew they had a few key players on the injury list but dayum ! I didnt realize they could very well be without 6 defensive starters. That is some tough luck. We better take advantage of this gift from god.

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Chiefs 17 Falcons 42

The sun will shine, Tony G will score the first TD and the server will crash at some point!

Oh and I will be posting in bold on the match thread as a way of remembering Master Exploder...RIP! (Please feel free to join in!)

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The Falcons will win, but the Falcons should beware of the Chiefs. Injuries to a team can surely decimate a team, and such injuries can rally a team together to meet the challenge, no matter who such a team plays against. Due to their being decimated by injury along the DL especially, the Falcons must run the ball and wear the Chiefs down with draw plays, traps, straight runs, and screens. The Chiefs will not be as strong up front and this will put a great deal of pressure on the LB's who aren't 100%. On defense, the Falcons must control the LOS, contolling the run, putting heat on Cassel, and cover their receivers like wallpaper. KC is still a dngerous team. IMO, enough said.

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Guest Negatorris

31-17 Falcons win

Ryan 3 TDs 320 Yards 70% Completion

Turner 15 Carries for 50 yards 3 Catches for 20 Yards

Quizz 10 Carries 60 Yards 2 Catches for 20 Yards 1 TD

Tony G 4 Catches 80 Yards 1 TD

HD 3 Catches 50 Yards

JJ 5 Catches 100 Yards 1 TD

Roddy 3 Catches 50 Yards 1TD

Spoon and Moore both get 1 FF

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