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What Has Goodell Done Discussion

Guest fibonacci

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Guest Fibonacci/Mashburn

I like to get a conversatiuon going with you guys in just overall "pure football" and not just about the falcons.


anyhow, Goodell has said how he is concerned about player safety. he is making stiff fines for the players who go head to head. he has made it almost impossible to touch a quarter back, "touch the legs and your done, touch the head and your done, etc etc."

but here is the thing I do not understand. "The new refs". the new refs have been called for missing these hits Goodell does not want in the game......yet Goodell says how he wants to roll with the new refs and not pay the old refs what they want.....ummmm WTH??


Goodell looks like he lost the court issue. regardless if we agree or not, the players now are going to know how to push Goodell in a corner and tuck his tail between his legs.


I fear what is to come with our awesome Defense. Asante has been called on bogus hits, just like Robinson has......Nolan makes a huge point on hitting. So I can only imagine how many fines we are going to have before the year is over.

Fourthly Goodell needs to be fired with no questions asked. he has ruined football, he is now getting pushed around and cannot stand up, he is really messed up for keeping the new refs. The ref thing is what really has me Shaking my head. Just so messed up. he knows, I know, everyone who watched pre-season has seen some really hards hits just the same as the Robinson/Asante hits; yet Goodell says how he wants to roll with these new refs and not pay the old ones.

someone please fire this guy before he makes this into a flagfootball, chicken ****, coward minded game. I am not one to want to PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL on someones grave......but he might be my first one.

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