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All My Life I Have Lived As If Humans Were Capable Of Living Peacefully But...


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While I'm not one of those OVER THE TOP sunshine pumpers that expects all people to join hands and sing songs of joy and peace I have almost always wanted to believe in the overall good of our species. I accept that there are differences between us; some of them important, many of them not, and most of them that are thought to be huge which could actually be settled with some common sense and acceptance on all sides. Black/White/Brown/Yellow, Republican/Democrat, Christian/Muslim/Atheist, and on and on and on.

But then I see things that cause me to question my beliefs and consider rethinking my positions. I'm not talking about isolated incidents such as a serial killer, or ruthless people in positions of power who seem to think other humans are only so much chattel to be murdered in cold blood. Those types of things are usually isolated incidents and there's no accounting for the depths of some people's cruelty. But when I read articles like the one I'm linking to I just cannot resolve my core feelings (my heart?) with my head. I'm not trying to slander a group or belittle anyone at all but things like this cause me to really doubt whether it is possible to ever find common ground with people who are so unlike me.


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