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Expectations For Sunday Vs Chiefs

Sheldon Cooper

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That analysis made me weep. Well done.


My expectations are pretty high. I expect Ryan , JJ , White , and Turner to all have great days. I think HD , Jizz , and Snells make a few nice plays. I look forward to Jerry , Babs , Pred , Edwards , Biermann , making trouble for Cassel. I wouldnt be surprised if we see a pick 6 from one of the BAD trio.

I want to dominate this game. I realize Im asking a lot. I think its time to open a season with a win on the road in an aggressive fashion.

Do or die !angry.png

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Even weighting the equation a little toward the Chiefs due to being at home and having a rabid, loud fan-base, this game should be a walk-over for Atlanta. One of their premier corners is coming back off major knee surgery. In his first regular season game back he's going to be able to cover White or JJ, or even HD, man to man? Oh, Really? LOL. Good luck with that. I doubt that the new Nolan defense will have much of a problem putting a damper on Cassell or the KC running game. That only leaves a couple of "X" factors that could sink the Falcon's ship: Penalties. While Smith has emphasized not being penalized, the team played sloppily and drew a ton of penalties last year and in the exhibition season. If this team makes a habit of shooting itself in the foot Sunday by incurring stupid penalties, they could stymy themselves. If they turn the ball over, then that is obviously a game-losing situation. The last situation is the Falcons could have the game taken away from them by some epic Fail of a bad call by the officials. The scrub refs will be working the games, and word is that the league will use their "best of what we were able to get" refs in the bigger games which will be seen by the most fans, leaving the small-market, backwater games like Falcons vs Chiefs in the hands of the Keystone Klowns referee corps. I think we win this game, but I think it's going to be low-scoring and with a lot of fumbles, interceptions and some ghastly bad/blown calls by the refs.

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