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Sec Games On Tv


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Every SEC team is on my tv except Arkansas, Tennessee and Vanderbilt.

11:00 - Auburn at Miss State (ESPN)

11:20 - East Carolina at South Carolina (SEC Network)

2:30 - Western Kentucky at Alabama (SEC Network)

2:45 - Florida at Texas A&M (ESPN)

6:00 - Washington at LSU (ESPN)

6:00 - UTEP at Ole Miss (FS South)

6:30 - Kent State at Kentucky (CSS)

6:45 - Georgia at Missouri (ESPN 2)

Other games that could be good are

11:00 - Penn State at Virginia (ABC)

11:00 - Miami at Kansas State (FX)

2:00 - North Carolina at Wake Forest (FS South)

2:30 - Purdue at Notre Dame (NBC)

2:45 - Air Force at Michigan (ABC or ESPN 2)

2:45 - Southern Cal at Syracuse in Giants Stadium (ABC or ESPN 2)

3:00 - Wisconsin at Oregon State (FX)

6:00 - Nebraska at UCLA (FOX)

I just realized the game on ESPN tonight is Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Man I don't look forward to seeing that. Seems like it might get ugly.

All times are Central.

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Some one on ESPN just picked UTEP as his upset special pick of the week. That's really going out on a limb there considering how awful Ole Miss is and the fact that UTEP should have beaten Oklahoma.

I picked UTEP as well so they BEST step up for Da Miss

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That's not a very good pick... UTEP is a terrible road team, especially when they have to go play in the humidity of the South. UCF, Rice, Tulane and East Carolina have regularly made them a punching bag in their stadiums. El Paso is high elevation, dry and hot. When it rains out here and gets a little humid, people start losing their minds.

Ole Miss will probably do a better job than Oklahoma did.

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My upset pick this weekend is Syracuse over Southern Cal. I would feel even more confident if the game was at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. But I like the Cuse for a couple of reasons. They can score points. Secondly Southern Cal had to travel all the way accross the country and that's just something they aren't used to. But one of reason is the game time. The game is at 3:30 local time for the Cuse. That's 12:30 Los Angeles time. I don't think their players are used to playing a game that early in the day.

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Barkley, Lee and Woods are gonna destroy Syracuse's defense. USC doesn't play great defense or anything but Cuse is decidedly a step or three below USC. Thoughtful pick but Syracuse isn't that good.

Syracuse can score. I'm banking on a sluggish start by USC for the reasons expressed above and hoping that the Cuse can build up a lead and then hang on at the end.

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