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Mike Sims-Walker


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Since we released Toone and brought Franks back we need another receiver. He already knows the system and could put up solid numbers at the #4 WR. A formation with Julio, Roddy, HD, and MSW could be dangerous. Just a thought..

The Jaguars who needed a WR so badly didn't want him..Must be for a good reason..I would pass on him and see what Cone can do...

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That would be kind of funny though. Koetter's offense sucked at Jacksonville and the biggest reason that everyone gives is "all of his players sucked", so it would be pretty funny if we start bringing in more ex jaguars on top of McCown.

If we were bringing him in to be our # 1 I would agree.

but IF we brought him in he would be no higher than #4.

He would not be be starting and would get teams 3rd or 4th corner or possibly even a linebacker covering him.

BIG difference between that and a starter.

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Folks it was a 1 for 1 change Toone left--- Franks was added

There are still 53 on the roster.

How are they going to add Meier or any other WR WHO gets cut to make room?? cut Franks again ??

It's just not normal for a team to roll with 4 WRs. I guess it could happen though.

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