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Replacement Refs Were Good Wed. Nite

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The scab refs were pretty good last night - but that was the opening night. Those were the absolute best scab officials they had, and they paraded them onto the big stage.

I expect the lingerie league refs to be just a tad bit worse. Bad calls will abound on Sunday. Hopefully they won't matter. Or, at least, the calls will be unfair in our favor.

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It's because they put the best crew they had out there for the Primetime game that everyone would have their eyes on. Just wait until the bottom of the barrel gets put on assignment in KC. smile.png

I thought this to They had to be the best replacements they had for the 1st game of the season. The head ref was like speedy gonzalez too. They were moving way faster then they were in preseason. I think they did well enough. I would prefer the real refs. I have a feeling the refs we will get on Sunday being a very regional game will suck. KC and ATL are both teams whos popularity wont demand the better refs. I guess as long as they dont get anyone killed or cost us a win I will be fine.

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Mr. Right needs to go stand in traffic. Would you rather have a qb with a win % of 58 or a qb with a win % of 70 and has lead a team to 4 straight winning records changed a franchise in a good way and has broken all sorts of records? Not to mention top 3 in wins the past 4 years

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