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Good Grief I Wish We Had Taken

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I wanted us to draft him as well. He was a good college player, but the biggest knock on him coming out was him being injury prone. He is good when healthy though, and as always hindsight is 20/20.

I have a feeling if we did draft him, and he ended up being injury bitten like he was in college, people would be calling for TDs head. But yeah it's all hindsight at this point.

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His problem is staying healthy. Don't understand why he fell. He was always talented and better than the other backs ahead of him. Oh well. Stuck with Turner anyway.
I would have moved up to take that mofo. Check my posts from last year.

Buddy was number one on my radar screen.

We took Dent instead.


Dent better RTFU.

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think he broke his ankle...which is kind of freakish hit ..Julio kept straining his hammy which is kind of being injury prone

DeMarco had a dislocated knee cap in 2007, a hamstring tear that caused him to miss the national championship game in 2008, and a knee injury that hampered him in 2010. Then he tore his hamstring before his first practice last year, and later in the season broke his ankle.

I mean...it kind of looks like the guy is fragile to me.

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