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Si Writers On Falcons Chances In 2012 Playoffs

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Clearly too much chalk.

Many columnists get an easy column at the end of every year pointing out how absurd preseason predictions usually turn out. There's way too much turnover EVERY YEAR in this league to suggest that the chalk will win out this much this season.

Case in point: the 49ers. Could they? I suppose....but thats because I think about 10-12 teams in the NFC have alegit look at it. But anyone who has read the Barnwell piece on the 49ers this upcoming season has to rethink everything. And its like that with a lot of teams.

Now, are we "chalkish"? Sure we are. But we were the "it team" last year and our flaws were continually exposed over the course of a long season. But those werent new flaws....they were the same flaws that the intelligentsia of this board have been talking about for years. "Take away the out" "the seam isn't terribly important" "attack the easy zone on 3rd down"

None of those things apply this year. The offense seems more focused on hitting receivers down the hashes in stride. It seems more conducive to slowing oncoming pressure due to the threat of any sort of screen game...not to mention one of the 5 elite physical talents at WR who is able to turn 4 into 84 at any time. It's a defense that now can play a more aggressive, unpredictable pressure scheme do to having better talent at more important positions. The teams that win in this league aren't the teams with the elite single passrushers (DeMarcus Ware, Jared Allen, Tamba Hali) they're the teams with depth and creativity who can bring pressure from different places or people (Packers, Steelers, Giants).

I like our chances. Tons of randomness could derail us....but all teams are exposed to the same randomness. I believe we have significant talent edges at important places. I believe we have competent scheming that is tailored to that talent. I believe we're a serious contender. Maybe I'm wrong....but I don't think I am.

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