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Georgia V. Buffalo Game Review (Very Long)


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I'm finally getting to watch the game for the first time today so I'll be posting thoughts when they come on certain plays, players, etc. Enjoy!

1st Quarter

  • Todd Gurley is really, really impressive. He shoots through the hole extremely fast and he runs as hard as any RB I've seen here...
  • Connor Norman is a step slow on a crossing route, but delivers a decent hit on the receiver. Just not sold on him being a reliable player for us. Great kid, DGD but I have my doubts ...
  • Our front 4 needs to get more of a push this upcoming weekend, we looked like we were trying to over power Buffalo. We have to stay true to our technique against Mizzou.
  • Jordan Jenkins sighting and he's virtually tackled by the left tackle. Very next play the LT grabs on for dear life to Jenkins, again, looks like a ridiculous hold.
  • Buffalo completes a TD pass and the booing ensues, really? That's embarrassing.
  • Overall, Georgia looked a step slow on defense. Why? I think that has to do more with our preparation which was minimal for this game. Can tell right away we have our sights set on Mizzou.
  • Todd Gurley, again. My goodness.. he's got track speed but he looks like and runs like a power back. BTW, that move on the sideline was ridiculous. It ain't easy to make a move like that with little room to work with..
  • Garrison Smith really thrives against the run. That's not to diminish his pass rushing skills but he's outstanding against the run. CW better against the pass, I think they'll be a good duo at 3-4 DE.
  • Marshall Morgan has a **** of a leg but man, you can tell he's been all over the place early this year. He almost misses an XP to the left (probably because he's been right too much) then misses a FG to the right.
  • Washington needs to stay at home at DE and play better contain when he isn't rushing. It'll be easy for James Franklin to run right by him when CW gets to far up field...
  • Overall, decent quarter. We had some chances. Murray was very close to a TD to King but great job by the UB defender, RB's look outstanding, OL had some very good moments (a few bad ones..), and the defense looks slow reading UB. Not surprising. It's evident we weren't completely ready for everything and all the personnel that UB has (ex. Zordich being a runner, he's got all his yards off of busted plays).

2nd Quarter

  • Damian Swann has been impressive. He's clearly added some weight and it's showing in his physicality. I honestly like him a little more than B-Smith at this point but either way, I think we look good back there when everyone is healthy and not suspended.
  • Quayvon Hicks looks like an absolute monster. Just physically, but dang.
  • Murray is making one mistake right now that is commonly made in these kinds of games. He's trying to force throws when it just isn't there... I have no issue with him taking shots deep but he's getting too excited every time he sees a guy down field. I do not think we'll see those mistakes next week.
  • Announcer just said Morgan Marshall.... hmm.
  • Keith Marshall has obviously added weight but he sure hasn't lost any of that burst. Also like his physicality.
  • Big TD to TK! Great route, that is a veteran right there... he made a quick move to the outside to get the DB to turn his hips and then he was gone. I like that they finally connected on that; I think Bobo kept trying to get him one of those to just to get one, for confidence reasons.
  • Damian Swann was a great offensive player in HS so I like seeing him at PR for us. He's a smooth athlete, good speed, and I think he would be a pretty reliable option for us back there..
  • Great punt by Colin Barber -- hardest thing for a young punter is knocking the short ones inside the 20 and he does just that, I know he booms one later in the game so it's good to see he started the season well.
  • Oliver (Buffalo RB) with a long run ... Norman completely out of position to make a tackle, good pursuit by Swann. Oliver is on the Doak Walker Watch list so the kid has talent, good run on his part as well...
  • Another good run by Oliver. He showed good vision. Norman and Jarvis were being blocked and our D-Line shifted the opposite way the play went. Gilliard was out of position as well...
  • Zordich has some poise, I like him.
  • Ray Drew in there on a QB dive. He went unblocked but good to see him get in the action as we were in our goal line D...
  • Goal line defense is effort, IMO. Poor effort on that run by Oliver as he goes in for the TD. We got no push and you could tell our big guys were exhausted. All I can say is thank God we'll be in cooler weather next week...
  • Dallas Lee and David Andrews just got whipped up front by the Buffalo D-Line.. Three man front by Buffalo, that cannot happen. May have been a lack of communication by our guys but that can't happen this weekend.
  • Zordich with another run off of a busted play, he hasn't gotten anything from set QB runs... I attribute this to us not knowing the personnel beforehand. Won't happen next week imo.
  • Not a great quarter from the Dawgs.

3rd Quarter

  • Good pitch and catch by Murray to Bennett. And again, Murray to Bennett. Bennett runs great routes, catches everything and he knows what to do after he catches it. Love it.
  • Ken Malcolme with two good runs in a row; he looks to have added a little quickness in the offseason. Still running hard; should be a great compliment to Gurley and Marshall.
  • Wooten! Great catch, he's the forgotten man for us.
  • Murray looks like he's getting in a groove and when he does that, not sure there is a better QB out there..
  • Can't say enough about Michael Bennett... great block on the outside to free up King.
  • Defense is really getting after it now, can tell Grantham lit a fire under someones ...
  • Great run by Gurley... he looks like a bigger, faster Trent Richardson which is a scary comparison.
  • TD to Michael Bennett.. another great pass and catch. Not much more I can say about the kid. Murray is in a groove and he delivered a strike.
  • When our defense has their heads on, there will be no one running on the Dawgs in 2012...
  • I like seeing Ward in their at RT. He's always been full of potential but his issue was putting on weight. Glad to see he's making the necessary strides to be a big backup fror us.
  • Jordan Jenkins in their at the stand up OLB spot, he fights off a block and makes a good play to tackle the RB Oliver. I like it.
  • More holding by Buffalo but this time they actually call it. I'm shocked. Again the announcers point out the motor of Jarvis Jones. He's a special one, folks.
  • Gurley's most impressive run of the day: 55 yard TD. He showed it all right there. First, it was vision with the great cut back to the left. Then it was power, fighting through arm tackles and a nice stiff arm. Then, the track star speed as he burned the defense to the end zone... Scary thing is, he's got so much room to grow.

I'm going to stop there because, well.. my recording has ended.

Overall, it was a solid first game. Not great, not terrible. Both teams played a clean game with no turnovers which is good to see for us and also a credit to Buffalo. Murray was a little too excited at the start of the game but he certainly settled down and he looked great since those five straight incompletetions..Our running game was "nonstop," by that I mean we have three guys with excellent talent and they are running like their rears were on fire.The O-Line had some good moments, some bad.. but I think as the season goes on, they WILL get better. The guys have to stay communicated (excuse the poor grammar, but you get the point). Our blocking will be better IMO because of the additions of Lynch, Hall, Hicks, Samuel at TE/FB this season... On defense, Jarvis Jones started where he left off; he's going to be great because of his never ending motor. As long as the defense consistently takes on his persona we will also have a GREAT defense. Jarvis, Abry Jones and Swann stood out on defense. WR's/RBs all played well IMO, Lynch blocked well, and I thought Gates was very solid at LT. Some may disagree with me but we need Rambo more than Ogletree next week. Again, nothing against Norman, but who would you rather have hitting James Franklin and their huge receivers -- Norman or Rambo? I think this game is good for us. We got to work out of kinks, young guys got PT, and let's be honest, Buffalo hit us right in the mouth. They came to play. I respect that and that should pay dividends for us next week. Now that it's Wednesday we can put this game to rest and the Dawgs should have the Mizzou gameplan finished (****, it's probably been finished for months).

I have three keys to the game against Mizzou: 1) Good push by our front 7 (which means our OLB's need to also play CONTAIN on Franklin). 2) Rambo needs to play. 3) Murray has to take it a throw at a time, we won't win the game on one pass and we won't lose on one series. Eat it and take a sack, no need to give them points.

That's it... GO DAWGS!

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Quick question King. If Mitchell comes back to play corer this weekend, who sits? I like Swann much more than B. Smith, but that is just my opinion. Thoughts?

Not King but the answer is neither. Mitchell will play outside when Swann moves down in the slot. We'll see plenty of 4 and 5 wide sets from Mizzou so no one will "sit".

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JHC could definitely see time in the defensive backfield when we go with 5 DB's. I actually think we didn't want to show that this past weekend but we may see it this weekend..

Moore has had a little bit of trouble with the playbook but that's not why. He's a natural SS which is Shawn Williams position. That's the main reason.

Swann, Mitchell and Smith will all be on the field a lot. Like ransack said, we'll have Swann inside in the slot. Mitchell and Smith outside.

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I was up this morning around 5am (thanks puppies) and was doing the same thing. I rewatched the game and i was really impressed with hall at fullback. he really sealed stuff off when he was in there and was very physical. he is a heck of a player already. also i don't get how in the world penn wagers and his crew swallowed their whistle so much, but the holds on our defensive guys were the glaring type that affected play after play. it's one thing to not call a hold if it doesn't have an affect on the play, but it's another for them to basically hold our guys on a number of their big plays. that is really pathetic.

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Yeah, I don't know how it could have been much more obvious... Jenkins and JJ29 were literally having their jersey's pulled back as they tried to get to the QB. Results were either TD's or big plays.

Christian Robinson tweeted a picture of him sticking his hand in a lineman's facemask, saying this is what happens when you hold. Lol, thought it was funny,

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