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I Post The Link To This Letter Because ...


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(1) It was an extremely interesting read.

(2) People who are dating, looking to date, or otherwise in relationships can always learn from others and learn more about themselves.

(3) People can learn from other people’s mistakes as well as their own.

I really think in this case (so sad as it was), Mr. Findlay truly let this person down as easy as was possible under their circumstances.

I hope (and intend) whatever discussion/reflection there will be to just be on relationships. Not the murders of the boys. But I know talk about the deaths probably can’t be avoided.

Like I said, I thought the letter was extremely interesting. I had never seen it/read it before. So I thought some people might like to read it.

I know there will be the usual trolls and jokesters making a mockery of this thread. Have at it if that’s your life passion.

For the others though, here is the link to

Tom Findlay’s “Dear John” letter to Susan Smith (it’s way down at the end of the story):


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