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Rest In Peace To A True Falcon Fan And Board Memeber

Julio Pwns

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Fellow Falcons fans I am very sorry to inform you that as of early Saturday morning fellow board member Master Exploder is no longer with us. I would like to take this time to tell you just a little bit about Master Exploder, otherwise known as Quinton Million Ayers. Quinton was a very bright individual. I had known him since high school and I can assure you I never saw him study in high school one bit. However, he still remained in honors classes and from all accounts did exceptionally well. After high school Quinton would attend a local community college with me, Georgia Highlands College, in Cartersville, Georgia. While at Highlands I saw a shift in his study habits. Suddenly he was driven to do more than the mandatory minimum. He became driven to succeed. He was determined to attend The University of Georgia. Which he would eventually do in the fall of 2010 at the same time I chose to continue my education at another University but that didn't take away from our friendship in the slightest.

Quinton moving to the other side of the state was actually a blessing for me and my friends. It meant that when training camp rolled around there would always be somewhere closer to camp that we could stay and spend the week. Fall of 2010 was the first time I could actually attend every day of the first week of camp. During that time I spent every day in the Georgia heat with Quinton by my side, and that was back when they still did 2-A-Days. Quinton lived and breathed falcon football. Its funny that one of the last texts I received from him was, "lol Meier got cut" We would spend hours talking in depth about Falcon football via text messages. I look back through these from his final day and see how excited he was to see DD made the team or how he wished we had kept Lamark Brown. I cant help but think that Quinton has seen his last round of cuts, his last training camp, his last game. We will never receive analysis from Master Exploder again. It hurts to know that I dont have anyone to share some of the breaking stories around the league with. Of coarse this goes way beyond the Falcons and the NFL, I have lost my one of my best friends in the entire world, but this in TATF and he wouldn't want me to be entirely to off topic. So now I finally present to you Master Exploder's final predictions, wish list, or whatever you'll call it as told by me. Julio Pwns

The following are things that he had mentioned to me several times that he maybe never had a chance to get out there.

Dominique Davis needs to wear number 4. This happened yesterday, so were all good in that department.

Lawrence Sidbury to finally step up and become the nasty pass rusher that we all know he can be.

Sam Baker to ride the pine or be cut because its Holmes time!

Peria Jerry to become the dominant force that he was supposed to be in 2009. When I asked him, "What about Peters?" he responded "Jerry was a first round pick. As much as I like Peters I would rather Jerry become a probowler and Peters become a bench warmer"

Mike Nolan to turn us into the most dominant defense in the league.

Sean Weatherspoon, his favorite player, to break out and be the Defensive MVP.

Julio Jones to become greater that Calvin.

Roddy White to retire a Falcon.

Konz to take over and be better than McClure.

All the Noodle arm talk to go away when Matt has another 4,000+ yard season. (No matter what we know some of you will still call him that)

And finally a Falcon Superbowl win in New Orleans of all places. Just following a Georgia National Championship victory.

Thats all I can remember at this point. I may add more as time goes on. Thank you for reading. If you would like to donate money or anything to help his family with the funeral costs, United Community Bank in Adairsville, Georgia is accepting donations on his behalf.


Thank you, and Rise Up

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