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Dnc Convention Thread...

Leon Troutsky

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Until you can indicate that you're operating in the world of actual facts, you don't really have a place at the table....you're just yammering away in a corner like a lunatic.

Which is why I don't bother with them. To think Obama is a socialist, let alone a Marxist, tells me you're either too stubborn to educate yourself, or too much of a hack to bother with. It's pretty simple, if you think Obama is a socialist, then you're a fascist.


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Hey Radical....can you name me a policy or bill that Obama signed, that Karl Marx would have disapproved of?

I'm hoping you pick Obamacare.....oh please.........say that one!

EDIT: Hey....can you provide me with the definition of MARXIST, and then provide examples of things Obama did that defy or oppose it?

You wanna discuss Obama's words on "Collective Salvation"..??

Please.....I could use a good laugh today, my hemmorrhoids are acting up.

Marx was anti-government, so yeah he would've disagreed with it.

Marx summed up his views as 'the abolition of personal property'.

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And how would he achieve that goal...

Socialism --> Communism

Obama's ultimate goal.

Then please explain how, if Obama was President and Democrats had control of Congress (to the extent that you blame them for the economy), that we are not a socialist nation, evidenced by a decrease in government jobs and record profits for private businesses?

Until you can answer this question, your routine is a comedy act at best.

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Personal property....you mean like Slave Reparations that Obama wants....as in...you didn't build that? That kind of personal property?

I fail to see how reparations are at all 'abolishing personal property', it's merely shifting a tiny sum of personal property. Reparations are an extremely capitalist way of paying people back. 'Hey, we did you wrong, here's some capital!'

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It's not my job to be as confused as you are. If you cannot view the biggest tax hike in the history of the USA...

List of tax increases bigger than PPACA: Revenue Act of 1941, Revenue Act of 1961, Current Tax Payment Act of 1943, Revenue of Expenditure Control Act of 1968, Excess Profits Tax of 1950, Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1981(GO RONALD!), Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax of 1980, Onibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, and the Onibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990(GO GEORGE!).

The economy took a nose dive the day Obama won the election. Look it up.



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That's an employment to population ratio.</p>

I don't see any stock market info on there....or...GNP....or.......much of anything.

Your chart lacks substance. YAWN.

Under Bush the stock market was well over 14,000. During the Obama years people lost their 401Ks and the Progressives laughed because they thought that the rich were "getting what's coming to them" ... Nice folk!

Lucky for us Wall St. seems to know that the Obama Regime is about to fall...that's why stock prices are starting to get back up to where Bush had them. Thank you for playing.

So you've shut up on one...


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stocks are succeeding despite obama =)

So... Obama is responsible for the economic crash, but it started before he was in office, and the stocks are rising despite Obama, but the stocks aren't actually improving at all.

I love it when hacks attempt to respond to facts that bust their narrative bubble. Like monkeys trying to go two different directions in a revolving door.

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