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Emmitt's Week 1 Prognastyficationism

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Oh, im hating, bro. Crap aint even music, it's barely even noise.

If i dont like something i'll tell ya.

I struggled in a band for 10 years, worked my azz off, didnt make it far. had alot of fans, and traveled all over the east coast.

Nver wanted anyone to sugarcoat anything. I was proud of what i accomplished but never wanted anyone to lie about what they thought.

But that sh!t is garbage, straight up.

So you liked to go around to other bands' shows and tell them when you thought their music was garbage, straight up? I would think that of all people, the grown ups most likely to understand that musical taste is subjective would be other musicians.

What annoys me is all the bouncing titties on this forum, like in your sig. I get enough of that at home. When I browse this forum, I want to be able to avoid work and talk football without getting an erection.

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