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Lb Greg Jones Cut From Giants

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MLB Michigan State Greg jones is available should we take a look? The MLB position is far from solid. he may be a fit in our attacking four three scheme.

Michigan State Spartans inside linebacker Greg Jones is a highly-productive prospect who was outstanding at the college level, but due to a number of problems in his technique and style of play, he may need to switch positions at the next level.

Jones accumulated 464 tackles in his four years as a Spartan. In 2009, he had a great year with 153 total tackles and 9 sacks. Jones plays fast and can be difficult to block when he's attacking the quarterback. His strong-suit may simply be his ability to bring down the ball-carrier. He is a violent tackler. He is playing at his best when everything is in front of him as he is a natural downhill linebacker.

The issues come when he must drop back into coverage. He is capable of handling tight ends and running backs on short routes as he plays sideline-to-sideline very well. But he plays very tight in his hips when dropping back into coverage and due to his stature, he isn't effective at defending the deep middle part of the field (which will be his main priority as an inside linebacker).

When he gets engaged by a blocker, he can be engulfed rather easily. If he's unable to find the edge, he gets eaten up and taken out of the play. Often times, he plays without regard to his assignment and is too aggressive.

Jones has a healthy mix of good and bad attributes and depending on the defensive scheme, many teams may overlook him since he does not fit what they need their linebackers to do. At the 2011 NFL Combine, he ran a lackluster 4.80 40-yard dash. It will be very hard for teams to ignore the fact he was a three-time first-team selection to the All Big Ten Team and two-time All-American.

Jones projects as a third or fourth round selection in the 2011 NFL Draft.

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