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Which Politician Do You Really Side With, And How Much?

Free Radical

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And rule changes to keep people like Ron Paul out of the Republican party in the future.

I'd like to throw in that there are no parties anymore.

I read up on Romney's immigration plan; second only to Jeb Bush as the worst (for a Republican). Throw in his AIPAC leash he self-collared and how he plans to "deal with" Iran, and you have just another lying politician.

But I'm not breaking anything new. Most republicans I know (which are few) didn't like him to begin with. They'll vote for him because he's one of 2 illusional choices.

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I'm 86% Jill Stein.

72% Obama.

55% Romney.

I'm 89% Green Party.

87% Democratic.

57% Republican.

I'm definitely a liberal on social issues and a fiscal conservative.

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