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The A B F Professional Football Thread

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Sam Baker is afraid of universal remotes. Gotta be a support group for that somewhere. Maybe this can qualify you for SSDI.

My favourite bits

Also, at some point this year I hope Mike Smith goes for it on fourth down from his own 20 for no reason at all, because after growing up on Jerry Glanville deciding whether to blitz or BLITZ based on the voices in his head, it’s kind of neat having a coach who backs up his ballsy calls by citing win projection stats

There are reasons to hope the playoff thing dies this year. Dirk Koetter is an absolute upgrade over Mike Mularkey in literally every way a human could be an upgrade over another human (mentally, artistically, spiritually, in the vertical and horizontal and hypothetical passing games, at video games, at football in general, at parenting, in all matters of physical fitness and grooming and hungedness, at using wide receivers, in his sense of humor and manners, at not calling the same ******* goal line play four times in one game), Asante Samuel is a fearless quarterback irritant and already among the most Atlanta athletes on Twitter (HE PLUGS MIXTAPES /swoons), Mike Nolan supplies his instant pass rush tonic, Jacksonville was kind enough to take Mike Mularkey in return for what I’m assuming must be billions of dollars, the offensive line has been patched up via depth battles at three positions and Pat Hill’s horseshoe mustache, Mike Mularkey is so ******* gone forever, Julio Jones is Jesus, and thank you, you sweet, sweet Jaguars.

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Just finished the draft for my work league (12 teams). Pretty happy with this.

Aaron Rodgers

AJ Green

DeSean Jackson

Reggie Wayne

Trent Richardson

Michael Turner

Greg Olsen

Frank Gore

Phillip RIvers

CJ Spiller

Mark Ingram

Santana Moss

Golden Tate

LaGarrette Blount

Dan Carpenter

Jets D

That's a really iffy RB corps you have. Plenty of upside, but lots of aging players who could breakdown very easily.

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I just don't think the punishment fits the crime, Bob. Besides, I'm not sure my wife would understand me banging the neighbor's wife because of my loyalty to the Falcons. I'll go ahead and say that my wife is a life-long Denver fan so she doesn't really care about the Falcons.

I say you blast "Falcons Fever" by Travis Tritt into his house.

THAT will show him!!!

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