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They let the eagle go near me in the student section a few times when I was in school, it looks majestic and graceful on video but from less than 10 feet away it's like a ******* pterodactyl.

Is Auburn the War Eagles or Tigers---& the Yellow Jackets are Wrambling Wrecks and Bees

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Speaking of Vanderbilt, I'm in the heart of ACC-land, and Clemson and NC State are playing Vandy and Tennessee, and the radio homers up here say that both can beat those two SEC teams. Possible, but not likely. Tennessee may be rebuilding, but they still have talented players. And Vandy is still playing for respect.


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What a crappy night of action.

How the **** did the Chic-fil-a Kickoff Game go from Alabama vs. Virginia Tech to Tennessee vs. NC State?

And Boise State looks like complete and total *** without Kellen Moore.

Tomorrow night's game in the Dome will be much better.



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lol I was just joking anyways. I just posted in there today.

But I honestly think this thread could be way more entertaining than anything they post in that forum.

It's cool to have a thread where ALL college football can be discussed and we don't have 134 different dicksalads starting game threads that no one cares about.

If you have a thought or commentary it should go in here. No discrimination. Even if you find yourself watching San Jose State vs. BYU at 11 PM in between jerk-off sessions and you like a certain WR or RB- post it here bro, just post it here. That other bad place doesn't exist anymore. This is your happy place now.

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