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If The Falcons Win The Super Bowl This Year, How Do You Think The Playoffs Would Go?



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  1. 1. Can the Falcons win the Super Bowl this year?

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Just tell me what you want the seeds to be, who you want us to go against, etc...

It's like making playoff predictions except the Falcons have to win the SB.

I don't care who we beat before th NFC Championship, I just want to go against the Saints, become the NFC Champs, and then win the Super Bowl in their own house. That would be the ultimate slap in the face. Although crushing Green Bay and NYG along the way would be nice. smile.png

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Falcons get HFA and first week bye. The Packers are the #2 seed. 49ers and Eagles are division winners. Bears and Giants get WC's.

WC Round: Bears KO the Eagles. 49ers KO the NYG.

Div Round: Falcons KO Bears. 49ers KO GB.

NFC Championship: Falcons KO 49ers.

Superbowl: Falcons beat Ravens, the Flacco vs Ryan threads come to an end.

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i'd like to take out the Giants or Packers somewhere along the way.

Yeah, it would be nice, but I thought it was about what would give us the best shot at winning the Superbowl. At home, we've done really well against the Bears and 49ers. With the Superbowl being in a dome, I think Bal has a good shot to be in it and we matchup well with them on turf.

If we have to play outdoors, I'm not very confident.

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Guest Negatorris

3rd Seed

Knock out the Taints in WC Round

Knock out the Iggles in Divisional Round

Knock out GB in Title Game

Beat Texans for first Lombardi

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