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Can We Cut Redman Already?


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Deja vu. . . .It's like Ryan's rookie season allover again during the 2008 pre-season. . . .

Many of us were calling for Redman to take the start back then. . . . .on the days and the memories.

Is DD the one to take over at 2. . . I mean, he should already have 3 locked up.

Only time will tell if he is ready for 2. I was hoping to see DD much earlier tonight. . . why wait to the very final preseason game to test him?

But yea, I do not think we should discount him as the 2 simply bc he is a rookie. By that same logic, Ryan should have rode the pine

Next week will be telling in how far up the depth chart he goes. Would have been nice though to see against the second team tonight.

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Actually, I believe he didn't get drafted because of off the field problems. The man is talented period. Not sure what system you speak of, but this is a passing league and he seems to have the proverbial IT.

Off the field problems? What are you talking about? It's bc he ran the air raid at East Carolina.... Same problem as Keenum at Houston

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