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Yo These B****es On Espn 2 Are Using Our Logo!

Dem Birds

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This brings up something I always wondered. The Jordan High School Falcons have the EXACT same emblem as we do. I used to drive by it on the way to work every day in Duram , NC.


I attended a high school way back when that made us stop using the Phins mark.

I just now realized the irony. I have been drinking.

Seriously , they had the same uniforms for the most part too. All my school did in the mid 90s was share a symbol.

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My old HS had a 3 or 4 year stretch where our wildcat logo was the exact same as the Kansas State Wildcats and then they finally made us change it so we added little whiskers to it.

Yeah if you're at the Dome and I believe its by gate D, they have all of the helmets from the highschools in Ga up on a wall and a ton of them use NCAA logos. (Or so similar I couldn't tell the difference)

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