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The Quarterback Hierarchy


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I didn't think about it until I read your post, but another thing those two have in common is that in many ways they are their own worst enemy(ies).

Cutler has already shown it with both the Broncos and Bears. He's a butt hurt Emo who most of his teammates don't seem to like or have a lot of faith in. Great physical skills, a headful of wadded up chewing gum.

Newton....IMO no one will ever love Newton as much as he loves himself. That ESPN magazine interview last December showed me that if the Panthers don't start winning soon this guy is going to get a lot more vocal about how much better he is than his supporting cast....I see storm clouds there.

Two tremendous physically gifted talents. Two guys who could easily sink or least severely damage their own careers.

you hit the nail on the head

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I believe Ryan has done his part.

Yes he has. He's been a decent/good QB on the field and a sound citizen off the field...still think he's a game manager(done his part).

I still think more depends on MR's improvements than the rest of the offensive team...nothing to do with arm strength.

He has the opportunity and weapons...but too nonchalant(warm, unconcernced, indifferent) mentally(football).

Top 10(3) in character, not a top 10 QB yet...needs some coaching. Don't fail MR like we did Vick...settling for God given talent and not

demanding correcting mistakes...hinders the Falcons

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I'm really starting to think that the O-line might just be Dimitroff's Achilles' heel.

You see it all the time in the NFL.

McKay drafted really good D-line and linebackers while he was in Tampa, but really struggled to find offensive skill players.

It's hard to tell if our scouts doing the O-line work suck or if Dimitroff is going off script and making his own choices.

Hard to know the inner workings when you're just a fan.

TBH I think our O-line would be fine if we simply put guys in the positions they're most experienced in. we need a starting 5 and backups for those positions to make it easier for players to do their job.

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