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Jags Owner Is Moving Forward, Mjd Is Up For Trade


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The problem with asking for a trade, is it's not likely going to change the stance of the Jaguars. Owner Shad Khan is a smart business man, and if he was not willing to cave on giving Jones-Drew a new deal, why would he cave and allow Jones-Drew out with a trade? Facilitating the trade over a contract dispute would would be caving all the same as caving with a new contract. Not to mention the fact that Jones-Drew has absolutely no leverage whatsoever.

Unless the Jaguars are blown away by an offer, and even then, the likelihood of Jones-Drew being traded is slim.- per SB NATION

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that's what i'm talking about bro. TD should be able to come up with some kind of package.

imagine koetter having his guy back with him PLUS all of the other talent around him. it would be insane. i think we could be top 3 or 4 in the league.

With our OLine looking average at best, having an elite and versatile rb really stretches defenses. Think about it, with either Quiz, Snelling or MJD in game they are all very good receivers. Now add in the fact we have Roddy, Julio, Tony G. And HD in the game with either back--who do you cover? Do you single coverage Julio? I think not. Do you single cover roddy? Nope. How bout Tony G.? Not a great idea. That's six defenders taken out the game. And with Julio and Tony G. CBS are at serious disadvantage from strength perspective and lbs are screwed. Now the big question comes, MJD is in backfield with roddy, Julio and tony G on field. Now throw either Snelling in as fullback, or HD in slot... How do you defend it? Commit to run you're screwed intermediate and deep. Blitz Ryan like the Giants did. Ok now we check to FB or HB screen. Double cover JJ and roddy. Fine that leaves HD and tony G in middle of field (in one back set); and don't forget a dump pass to HB. Better yet, let's go to a 4wr set, with JJ, Roddy, HD & Quizz or Tony G out wide (or maybe Coffman or Brown); with MJD as lone back and Matt in shotgun. What do you do? Drop everyone back, I see draw play for 15 or 20 yd chunk. Play zone and MJD is an easy target with YAC possibility.

Bottom line is having MJD in rotation creates a DC nightmare

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You should be more concerned with that weak as* defense.

Not really. For one it's far from a weak defense. Number 2 asthe Saints, Pats, Colts, Rams, packers and others over the years have proven having a potent offense, combined with a defense that is opportunistic (which ours is), is the formula for winning Superbowls

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It's not going to happen, and I don't want to lose Turner, but man it would be tempting. Holy crap could you imagine this offense?

It could happen. It's still a remote chance, but this is a deal that could help both teams.

I hate losing Turner, but he really is not a great fit in the ever increasingly explosive and athletic offense were fielding

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IF it is a serious possibility we would be foolish not to look at it.

Can you imagine an offense on the field.






It would be **** near impossible to game plan for that.

We can run out of it, we could pass out of it and have 5 capable receivers, we can run screens out of it as MJD is an EXCELLENT receiver out of the backfield.

I like Turner but we would be stupid NOT to look MJD if he is really available.

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I'm a little surprised by how much normally level headed posters are suggesting that this would put us over the top. The line's play will still be the prime determinant of how our running game goes, not who is in the backfield.

Still, if you're TD you have to make a phone call to find out what they are looking for. But I personally wouldn't give up more than a 3rd, a late rounder and Turner (and the cap space for the new contract), and I can't imagine that's enough to get it done.

We've suffered back-to-back drafts with only one top 90 pick and I don't believe it's in our long term interests to have another, even for a top 20 player.

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MJD made Koetter look good.

Whatever. Koetter is a good OC regardless.

And I don't know why people make threads like this . No way in he!! the Falcons end up with MJD if he even gets traded which chances are slim to none. If he does get traded it will be to a team like the Patriots that always pull off savvy trades.

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Well, we got Asante for Nolan, now its time to get MJD for Cutty.

I love Turner, but MJD would be insane with all of these weapons to relieve the pressure from him. But he loves it in Jacksonville and has his family rooted there.

I just can't see them parting ways. Until a deal gets done it is merely posturing from both sides. Both are proud people and refuse to look like the bad dude.

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...Care to wager on how CJ does this season or how his career pans out? His numbers this season will be closer to his 2k yards season than last year. Mark it down

You know how good a RB is when he does this.... it is called a bad year

Regular Season 262 1047 4

Vs Bush who had an good year with

Regular Season 216 1086 6

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