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The A B F Baseball Thread


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Big trade on the horizon.....Jays to buy up overpaid Marlins.

Here's a bet of Jay's news that is better suited for this audience:

ATLANTA -- Bobby Cox has always savored the friendships and experiences he gathered while serving as the Blue Jays' manager during the early 1980s. But he is not interested in ending his retirement to fill Toronto's managerial vacancy.

"I'm retired," Cox said on Wednesday morning. "I really don't know what else to say."

While serving as Toronto's manager from 1982-85, Cox developed a close friendship with current Blue Jays president and CEO Paul Beeston. The two have remained close during the decades that have followed.

This connection has led some to suggest Cox might be a good candidate to serve as the manager for the Blue Jays, who will be a playoff contender if their pending blockbuster trade with the Marlins is approved.

Cox did not learn of the blockbuster until he awoke on Wednesday morning. But it seemed apparent that it would not be enough to persuade him to end his retirement.

"There is not another guy in the world I'd like to work for more than Beeston," Cox said. "But that is not going to bring me out of retirement. I'm retired, and I'm happy here in Atlanta."

Immediately after leading the Blue Jays to the American League East title in 1985, Cox returned to Atlanta to be with his family and begin his role as the Braves' general manager. He became the club's manager midway through the '90 season and held that role through the end of the 2010 season.

During Cox's stint as manager, the Braves won 14 consecutive division titles, five National League pennants and one World Series championship. Cox ranks fourth all time with 2,504 managerial wins. It appears he will enter the Hall of Fame with two of his former players -- Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux -- in 2014.

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How bout' those Bravos?

What will the roster look like when everyone is off the DL? I will be excited to get Freeman back but I hate to say that I will not be excited about B-Mac coming back. Gattis is a beast.

They'll find a way to get Gattis some playing time. I think I saw on another sub that an option would be to rotate him withe the OF and let him catch every 5th day. That would be ideal. Right now I don't know of a better team, from top to bottom, than the Braves. They can hurt you in any aspect of the game. Hitting, pitching, fielding, whatever else. I can't wait to go to a few games this year.

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