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Let me start out by saying at one point in the night every DL we put in the game flashed or made an impact on a play. It has been a very long time since I have seen that.

Just off my count from what I had written down in notes I have Jerry credited with 4 pressures and 2 stops, Babineaux had 2 pressure as did Edwards, and I believe Abe had three, I'll be able to get a more conclusive look once the re-air comes on. Sidbury dominated whoever the backup RT for the Bengals was, it was pretty ridiculous at times as both Gradkowski and Robinson were flushed by pressure from Sidbury. Massaquoi flashed a very nice spin move and nearly had a sack he also recorded a stop later in the game. Travian Roberston was amazing in this game, he showed great awareness to bat down two passes and controlled the point of attack at times, Micanor Regis also had an impressive stop. Overall we got great pressure from a lot different people, but we still couldn't bring the QB, but it did show as Asante twice jumped a route and nearly had an INT and Dunta also jumped a route and nearly had an INT. Biermann looks great rushing from a stand-up position, it's really seemed to revitalize him and he got some very good pressure last night and had a nice stop. Abraham also had a great TFL and nearly missed a sack on Dalton because he couldn't keep his balance after beating Whitworth on a dip move. When Spoon blitzed he did get some pressure, but he really didn't get close to a sack. As I said earlier Jerry absolutely dominated the Bengals interior it seemed he was pushing the pocket on every pass play and he and Babineaux were doing a good job of controlling the point of attack. At one point in the game the Bengals went with a near max protect, but added two extra guys into the middle to help block the DTs. Vance Walker also had some good pressure.

Weatherspoon was simply all over the place during this game, but he really needs to continue to work on his coverage as he got burned by Gresham and then didn't bring Gresham down which allowed the big TE to get into the secondary before Grimes (of all people) brought him down and subsequently injured him. (Best wishes to Gresham) However in the running game Spoon was in the back field a ton, especially on edge runs he was consistently getting in the backfield after shedding blocks and putting a hard pursuit on the RB, he nearly had a TFL on one play, but Dunta beat him to the RB. As I said earlier Spoon got some pressure when he blitzed. Mike Peterson put on a nice showing and got good pressure off a blitz that forced Dalton out of the pocket. He also shed a block and made a nice open field tackle on the RB to limit him to 2-3 yards. I Didn't really get a good look at Peterson in coverage. Nicholas had a very solid game, he got pressure when blitzing, made some stops in the run game, and looked good in pass coverage. The biggest thing to take away from this is that our LBs still have trouble with big athletic TEs and that will be worrisome when facing Graham 2x a year and we may have to roll a Safety over top. I didn't get a good look at the backups, but I did notice Schiller making a stop and it looked like he was making adjustments on D and had a decent handle on the defense which is encouraging for a rookie FA.

In the secondary I really didn't hear Grimes' name much which is usually a good thing. Dunta was all over the field he had a PBU which was nearly an INT, a TFL, and a huge hit to make a stop on a passing play. Asante was jumping routes and nearly had two picks which ended up being PBUs. He got burned deep on a double move, but he didn't completely bite on it, just hesitated a little and that is to be expected at times in the preseason, He did make a nice open field tackle on Green when AJ made a catch underneath the coverage. I was really impressed with our safeties both forced fumbles and Decoud recovered the one forced by Moore. They had a nose for the ball and were taking very good angles in the run game. The one bad thing I did notice is that Moore and Grimes had a mix-up on a coverage that allowed Green to get open in the endzone, but once again it's preseason and that stuff happens. Franks got burned deep but had tight coverage, however he needs to get his head turned around and he was lucky he didn't get called for PI. Walls didn't allow much and the two catches that he did he made the stop immediately and allowed no YAC. He's really making a push for the #4 spot it seems. I didn't notice much out of the backups besides that Hope had a TFL.

Overall though the DL dominated in nearly every phase of the game, we just couldn't get the QB down when we did get to him.

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Here's a little excerpt from ESPN's AFC North blog:

  • Did you see the Bengals' running game in Atlanta? Neither did the Bengals. Cincinnati's offensive line struggled to open holes, as the Bengals managed 11 rushing yards on 10 first-half carries.
  • Left tackle Andrew Whitworth might want to skip the film review because it wasn't pretty. He continually got beat by Falcons defensive end John Abraham, who spent most of his night in the Bengals' backfield.

Our D gave them plenty to think about.

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I agree. The pressure was consistent and never let up. Dalton had recievers open that he missed because he was never able to just plant and throw. The only TD pass was the one exception. The WR toasted 22 before the pressure could get there. He had AJ open by even more earlier but couldn't get the ball out in time and threw it through the endzone becaise the DL was chasing him off his spot.

I'm not down on AS either. What you see is what you get. You get some great passes defended, and you get that burnt toast smell when he guesses wrong. I'm fairly okay with that.

Our front 7 was just plain ole disruptive. Nice observations. Thanks for sharing!

My only concern was that we did have the 3rd down problem that plagued us last year. We gave up way too many 3rd down conversions.

Don't sleep on the Bengals. I think they are a very real contender in the AFC. I think that was a solid test across the board.

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Need to watch again but here are some things I remember

-Abe looks mid season form, worked the Bengals LT

-Jerry continues to make plays, our most productive DT in the preseason, he gets into the backfield to the RB and doesnt stick to blockers when the RB is near

-Spoon has the athletecism to always be around the football but he NEEDS to start WRAPPING UP and stop trying to just hit people. This is a very bad habit that not only blows would be tackles but can lead to big plays by the other team, for a perfect example look up vs the Bears when Forte caught a pass and he launched him instead of wrapping up and dragging him down

-All 3 starting corners looked good, aside from that ugly play to Samuel. Impressed with Samuel and Grimes tackling solid and physical, Robinson destroyed some chump and I also saw him go for the INT, hes playing confident

-When Samuel is 1 on 1 he can't bite on those double moves, he had no safety over the top so can't be doing that. When he has safety help he can jump routes. Teams will target him with those in the regular season until he shows discipline and stays on top of the route

-C4 Moore looks great, loved seeing him punch the ball out of that chumps hands, I also thought it was hilarious that he was visibly letting up on every tackle, so as to not knock someones teeth out in the preseason

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This guy has been amazing for pick 249. He just might be the steal of the draft. Even if he's not #1 steal, If he stays healthy he will be a steal.. Very very excited about that pick. Can you imagine what he may look like with a year under his belt??

Dimitroff is starting to look like money when it comes to picking DTs, Jerry is finally healthy and looked amazing last night.

Vance Walker has been a very good contributor for a 7th round pick, Peters has out performed everyone's expectations and Robertson is looking like a gem.

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