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Might Be An Old Video, But...


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The Falcons have never had back to back winning seasons before Smitty and company. Many of us are excited about the upcoming season and especially because of what was displayed tonight in the 1st quarter.

Enjoy the video and reflect on the beginning of the Smitty era after coming off of a 4-12 season led by Bobby Petrino and Joey Harrington.

Here's to a hopeful and exciting season!

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great video, i remember the miracles and more miracles game like it was yesterday

can someone please find the "u cant EFFin stop it" game highlights video


At 2:25 Matt says "its time to throw one deep." I've always thought that it was the coaches reasons that we didn't have a more aggressive passing offense and this makes me believe that more. People criticize Ryan for not being able to throw deep, I know he can but with MM he was hardly allowed to do so.

At 2:44 is where he says you can't ....... stop it."

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