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2 Tickets, Bengals Pre-Season Game-->$20.00 Total

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Hello all,

I have a pair of tickets available to both Falcons pre-season games available for the Bengals game on 8/16. Come settle that little debate on AJ vs. Julio in person as the two match-up on the field for the first time.

The tickets are in 339, row 11.

The 2nd pre-season game is always one of the best to attend, because the Starters get a good amount of playing time, and, it dumps you right into football season. Relieve that 8 month itch you've been dying to scratch and come down to the Dome.

I can e-mail the tickets to you if you use paypal, or, I can meet in person in the buckhead area.

Avoid the stubhub or ebay route and all the fees/shipping that comes along with those tickets. This is the BEST and cheapest option.

Text me at 404-229-9327 if interested.


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I still have the Ravens and Bengals pre-season games for sale....Section 113 (home side), Row 33, Seats 21-22 (aisle seats)...I will let the 2 pre-season games go for half-price if interested ($65 per seat).

Go to the below link and enter the seating information (bottom of screen) to see the view from the seats:


I'm a 4th year Falcons STH and would love for them to go to a Falcons fan....I have work obligations (live in NC) and cannot make the trip due to work schedule.

If you wish, you can email me direct at jcombs@ncdoj.gov


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Great that you are a Falcons fan... But proper manners is to start your own thread...

Carry on...

No problem with that, but for some reason even when I log on there is a grey box in the upper right that reads "you cannot start a new topic."

I haven't used the boards long enough to know my way around how to start a new topic....any instruction is certainly appreciated.

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