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Obamacare Largest Tax Increase Ever? Absolute Bull****!

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And btw, you accuse the article of "spinning numbers" for not using your convoluted formula, but the fact of the matter is that percent GDP is used by every single economist and economic expert to talk about things like tax cuts and tax increases and their effect on the economy.

You're the only person that I've seen propose this measure. So how is the article "spinning" the numbers when it's using the most commonly used and trusted measure (percent GDP) of tax policy impact?

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All businesses with over 50 employees are now required to offer a health insurance plan or they're fined $2,000.

Fun Fact: Over 90% of businesses that employ between 25-49 people offer health insurance as it is.

what percentage of businesses that employ over 50 offer health insurance?

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Ask them. It isn't because of the PPACA, I can tell you that much.

They've been asked/polled and it is what is.

Thought; why after reading 100k or so posts over several years am I the only one to have written; I stand corrected, I was wrong, wow, didn't know that. Does the internet run on humility and sucks it from it's users to feed it's servers?

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Only thing I could find.

In 2011, 16% of all firms that offer health benefits offer them to part-time workers (Exhibit 2.5). Firms with 200 or more workers are more likely to offer health benefits to part-time employees than firms with 3 to 199 workers (42% vs. 15%).

Consistently, a very small percentage (4% in 2011) of firms offering health benefits have offered them to temporary workers (Exhibit 2.6). The percentage of firms offering temporary workers benefits is consistent between small firms (3-199 workers) and large firms (200 or more workers) (4% vs. 6%).


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