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Happy Birthday Peyton!

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Happy Birthday Peyton! Mine too! You have forgotton more about football than I could ever remember! Yogi told me to say that!

LOL that's definitely not true. When I discuss football, I am using nothing but my analytical skills. I have absolutely no organized football experience to fall back on, although it is true I used to be a legendary playground QB back in the day lol.

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Thank you KOG, and everybody else. My birthday was actually yesterday, but you wouldn't have known that because unbeknownst to me, I didn't have my profile updated. I really appreciate your kind thoughts.

Okay, I was feeling kinda bad when I went back to see if I had missed anyone. You are welcome friend and those weren't just kind words, those are fact. As for your prior post, you have extensive knowledge of the sport. I mess with you in the off season because since '09 you have taken the bait every time. Go back and really look at the thread on what I want to see and pay attention to everything in that first post and ask yourself..."Was that for me?"

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