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Steve Nash Traded To The Lakers

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Bath salts are the new angel dust. Please do not indulge. It makes you post crazy stuff, Julian.

Hes gonna be an all star...You heard it here first.

Did you just use Thabeet and star in the same sentence? Wow.

He is a Tanzanian star.

Other than Ngassa what other Tanzanian athlete is as popular as Thabeet?

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How would Thabeet becoming a star work, exactly? Would it be like, Perkins gets hurt against LA or Memphis, they need size inside, Thabeet comes in as an emergency option and puts up a double-double in 20 minutes, they start playing him more with Perkins still out, suddenly he's a 15-10 guy with all of Perk's defense, they sign him to a 60 million dollar extension in 2013?

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