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Just Out Of Curiousity, Whom Is/was Your Fav. President?

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I say Theodore Roosevelt as well. He was a staunch progressive and nationalist and thus did what was necessary to make the United States stronger, be it making sure the Panama Canal could be built, reigning in the monied interests that had their hands clasped around the country's throat, pushing necessary regulations such as the Pure Food and Drug Act, setting up national preserves, forcing the end of a coal workers strike by forcing the workers and owners to strike out a deal immediately rather than allowing millions to freeze, etc. He did things not because they benefited himself or the few but because it benefited the many and the country in general. He sought to strengthen America's position in the world but wasn't a warmongering maniac and only used conflict when it was necessary and the only solution left and on occasion used peace talks as a means to expand American influence. He was also a total badass, most notably giving a speech just minutes after being shot and refusing treatment until his speech was finished. We need another Teddy.

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William Henry Harrison because he died a month after taking office.....Im sure he didnt keep his promises that month though.

But seriously probably Georgia's finest Jimmy Carter. The work he does for homeless people, and humanitarian things today, are some of the most selfless actions ever done by a president. He deserved his peace prize unlike Obama.

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Teddy Rossevelt for me as well. His involvement in conservation and the National Park System were great things.

That was a big thing for me also. Plus when he did go to war, (Spanish-American) he was true leader/warrior on the field not just a stateside proponent. His sons also served well later, and, with of course, some sadly tragic results.

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