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What Current Non-Starter Will Have A Big Impact This Year?

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For us to excel beyond what the standard analysts say, we have to have unexpected players step up and surprise us. We have to have the whole become greater than the expected sum of the parts.

Everyone expects a big year out of JJ, and Spoon. That's a given. If they have an off year, we take a step back. But what we need are surprises, good surprises. We need players coming out of nowhere to excel, like Brent Grimes as a free agent from a tiny school becoming a top 5 CB. Or Snelling as a 7th rounder coming in and carrying the load for 1/4 a season when Turner went down a couple years back.

So the question is:

What Falcons player, who is currently a NON-starter, will surprise everyone this year with excellent play and become a key piece of the puzzle by season's end? Anyone???

And another thing....can we stay on topic? This is the most ADHD bunch of individuals I've ever seen. ;)

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Fresh on my mind because of the most elusive rb's in the nfl thread I'm gonna say Snelling has a good season. As much as everyone is talking about Rodgers getting more touches, I hope Snelling does too. He only had 44 carries last season and I think he could be a bigger contributor if given the opportunity, he has shown in the past he can

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Wow I hate to guess -- so I will state who I hope will be big contributors

O-line --someone at LT --(I believe Konz will be a starter so that lets him out)

offense a 3rd WR either Douglas, Meier, or other

D-line I hope Jerry finally shows up

Defense it's time for Franks to show out

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Guest Fibonacci

there is a lot of depth.



Quizz Rodgers

Dunta Robinson

(this 4 guys will make an impact)


Dent (if he does not start. But I am pulling for that he does.)


(these guys might be able to make an impact, if they get the time to show what they can do)

Konz (Should start)

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