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South Carolina Has 3 Non-Qualifiers.


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Gamecocks recruit Joe Harris has been declared a non-qualifier.

Assumption is this offensive lineman is likely headed to Fork Union, which would give him a chance to enroll at South Carolina in January 2013 with five years to play four.

This latest bad news is on top of what most already know and that is defensive lineman Carlos Hood, also a USC recruit, will be heading to prep school and Jhaustin Thomas is headed to junior college.

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I think we expected a few and that's why we signed (or attempted to sign) as many as we did. This should put us just about on the number, I think. A few weeks ago Kenny Davis was arrested for a sexual misconduct incident and people were thinking he would have his scholly pulled because of this. But it later came out that he had the scholly pulled well before the incident took place. He was a great D lineman in HS, but got on campus and never really understood what it would take to actually play at such a high level as the SEC. He was moved to the O line during the off season, but of course since his scholly was pulled it didn't really matter where he was lining up in practice because he was not likely at all to see action on the field.

And everything I've heard about him and still hear about him is how nice and polite the young man is. Then you contrast that with these charges being filed and it's hard to know what to believe about him.

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