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Falcons On Tv In Va?

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Anyone living in the VA area that can advise me on Falcon broadcasts in VA, im at Langley AFB in Hampton VA. I am assuming that local channels are going to be muddled with Redskins, Steelers, Ravens and Eagles games. Please tell me I am wrong. Unfortunately, I wont be able to get Sunday ticket until Oct 9th, when I move out of the apartment meaning I am going to miss 4 to 5 weeks. I tried to search this subject with no luck. Thanks in advance.

Ray Lewis

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one way to do it is to subscribe to NFL sunday ticket through a PS3 if you have one. Or if you know someone who has NFL Sunday Ticket you can ask them to give you their username/password so u can watch it online!

I have a friend who lives in VA but he had to get NFL Sunday Ticket through Directv to watch the Falcons games. I'm in AZ I don't have Directv but I watch all Falcons games on my PS3 it's awesome.

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I also live in the hampton roads (757) area and it is hard to see a Falco0ns game anywhere in this area. All. Steelers, Dallas, Skins, Eagles, Packers now, and seems to be more Saint fans now that they won a SB, lol. I went to bars and because I was usually the only Falcons fan, I was out numbered and never got the game on so, I just get the Sunday ticket every year and save on $$$ for beer, food, and possible DUI, lol.

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