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36 Special And Night Ranger Are Still Alive.

Spacey C

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Im not one to listen to music for pleasure. When I listen, its just background noise to make time go by quicker if I'm doing something boring.

Anyway I had the radio playing and I heard a concert announcement, didn't even catch the venue or date, that 38 Special and Night Ranger are on tour together. Christ a mighty.

The lucky lady that married me loves 80's music so if I find out more I may take her out to see the old geezers.

So I can hear her sing " you're motoring....!" over the next two weeks after the show.

But I do think 38 Special had a few good songs.

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Good Lord I used to love .38 Special, and Night Ranger had at least one album that I loved from beginning to end. But I'm growing more and more comfortable being a part of groups that are made fun of and ridiculed for their tastes in EVERYTHING.

You guys really ought to go online and listen to that Night Ranger album. It really was full of good rock and roll music.

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This is a song I wasn't allowed to talk over top of.

While I still don't understand why a band would have two drummers, I do now understand the awesome-ness of a red,black & yellow striped shirt with a yellow vest.

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