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So It Turns Out My Girlfriend Is...

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Rock music died when Guns N' Roses broke up. tumblr_m488wgEJVm1qa0rit.gif


You should go swimming. All of you should really... it's the best exercise.

No lie... my girl said the same thing earlier.

I might have to do that tomorrow if I still feel sore.

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Well I guess that makes 2 of us in here that have gf's who can sing like an angel.

I've been away from her for 6 months now but she records and sends me song now and then and its always good for morale.

I keep trying to convince her to go out and get famous and rich off her singing so I can stop working and be a bumb...no such luck yet.

I actually have a link to one of her songs if anyone cares to have a listen...


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She's got a beautiful voice, tipp.

Great advice to young peoples out there- complimenting a girl on her voice is an amazing in. Much easier to pull off. Has worked a couple times for me.

EDIT: It makes you look sensitive and observant and ****. They're used to being complimented on their looks, or their "personality" by less creative mother****ers, but the voice will get you *****.

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Just realized you posted that "music died with GNR" post a couple minutes before me.

Great minds....


Completed evaluation:

Kiera Knightley (8.75) - pages 1-4

Kat Dennings (7.50) - pages 9-10

Natalie Portman (9.75) - pages 34-40

Alizée (8.60) - pages 40-41

Tiffany Thompson (9.93) - pages 41-42

Agnes Bruckner (7.90) - pages 44-45

Non-completed eval:

Olivia Wilde

Caryn Ward


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