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Atlanta Falcons Franchise Moving Forward

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I was just listening to some music on youtube and some falcons videos were reccomended for me to watch. I took a gander and started thinking about our future.

First off, Matt Ryan- MVP candidate in 2010, has some trouble throwing the deep ball but the kid is a winner none the less, he is quickly closing in on John Elway in only 4 years in the league as far as 4th qtr come backs and game winning drives. The kid obviosly has some improvements to make but he is a winner. He is 0-3 in the playoffs but he has only lost to NFC champions in which 2 our of 3 went on to win the Super Bowl, I understand as long time fans we want our SB ring especially after 1998 and the MV7 era but MV7 never made us a true contender and only got us 2 winning seasons out of his 6 seasons and the 1998 team never amounted to much after 1998, just a few players left over in 2001-2002 to make Vick look good.

2-The backfield-Michael Turner may be reaching his prime and running out of gas but I knew he would be good when we got him in 08 and now we have some decent depth behind him which we never had with Jamal Anderson or Warrick Dunn. Jason Snelling can run, he can catch, he can block, and he has proven to be a good player time and time again unlike say Byron Hanspard or Maurice Smith who were good in 1 or 2 games but never made it past it, Snelling has stepped it up time and time again. Quiz had a decent rookie season and is not proven but has the chance to shine as the lightning back behind Turner and Snelling.

WRs-Roddie White is a Pro Bowler and Julio Jones could wind up being a better player, i truely believe if not for the lockout in 2011 we would have gotten Larry Fitzgareld but since it wasnt an option we got the next best, and possibly better option in JJ. Harry Douglas is a player and can play but needs to be used more. Meir looks like he has potential but our new OC needs to do a better job utilizing our WRs and get Matty looking in all directions and not just Roddy number 1 Julio number 2 then check down, i hope the passing options chance wit DK in charge of the offense and we spread the ball around more.

TE-Tony Gonzales is 1 of the best if not the best to ever play the game and he can teach some of our young TEs how to be more like him, i think we are ok at TE, TE has never seemed an issue to me in this organization for a while. Palmer was good, Crumpler was good, Kelley was decent.

OL-we lost a baller in Dahl last year but we went out and tried to fix the broken puzzle and hopefully it works out well.

I think our offense can be great if DK runs it properly, i know he has some negative vibe from Jacksonville but whatever their QBs name is was never compared to Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or replaced the face of the franchise.

Defense-I will sum the defense up as a whole, i think we have some talent on the DL and are 1 DT away from having a great DL. We have lost some depth at LB but the young Spoon has made a name for his self around here. There is some battles going on for some other LB positions but as long as we are battling it means we have some depth, Spoon is probably the only starter we know for sure and he has only been in the league for 2 years so LB is wide open. Our coverage has gotten better and better ever year in the secondary, i know spoon was added to help defend the pass as well but we are pretty stacked in the defensive backfield now, with the signing of Samuel, Grimes on 1 side, and Dunta in the middle, cant really beat that especially with NB being 1 of our weaknesses and now we have a guy in the middle that likes to beat the **** of receivers, we have some young safeties and now have Hope so the safety spot is not guranteed now either.

Special Teams-it pretty much needs improvements on both sides.

Coaching Staff-I don't know about all of the position coaches but MIke Smith is the winningest coach we have ever had, better than Glanville, better than Reeves, better than Bennant. etc. I think Mike Smith is hear to stay bc as long as we are getting to the playoffs we are doing better than we ever had before with the exception of a few seasons, I think Smith/Ryan is a championship formula. Peyton Manning had some losing seasons before he got a new coach, Smith/Ryan are yet to have a losing season.

Mike Nolan-I hear he is a great DC and i have seen him do great things, i honestly believe we have had talent on defense this whole time that just was not used correctly and i think and i hope Nolan is the person that can come in and make this defense scary. How are we going to stop Cam Newton, both Mannings, Drew Brees (maybe), and yes Mike Vick.....How are they going to stop this defense?

I have a great feeling about the D this year, i see the talent we just need somone to lead it.

DK-None of us are sure on this, it is scary taking the 32nd ranked offense's OC but let's see if his schemes can get our O going, if our O sux this year than he should be fired but i do think DK is ready to run a new car instead of that beat up POS he was running in Jacksonville.

Upper Managment-

Thomas D. first off, he built a Dynasty in NE and i think he has a great foundation for a Dynasty here.

Rich McKay has done a good job, who like Thomas D also has a Super Bowl ring.

Arthur Blank- We already know, just sit back and enjoy the dynasty that u never had as a good and forget dog murderers and losing playoff games, we have already made it to the playoffs 3 out of 4 years and as long as we keep going a championship will come.

Just lay back, enjoy the show, and forget about losers like Jeff George and Michael Vick,our dynasty is now.

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I agree with this analysis of where the Falcons are. I like the owner of this team, I like the players, I like the coaching staff. I'm not quite as sold on the HC. Smith has won a lot of games, but unfortunately he has won almost no games vs top-tier teams, or in crucial situations, or in the play-offs. While I don't lay the entire blame at his feet, I believe his plodding, predictable conservative style and his woeful game-time generalship has been a major factor in how badly the Falcons have looked in the big games.

However I think the man is intelligent enough to have learned from his mistakes. I hope and trust he's willing to change his philosophy, I hope and trust he's learned from some of his sideline gaffes over the past four years and will be more effective this season. Most of all, I believe he still has the confidence and loyalty of this team and they will play with much more heart and determination vs the elite teams and in the big games this year. My one worry is that he still apparently has the unbending stubbornness to declare that Sam Baker is going to start at LT. I'm going to just chalk that up to Smith toeing the party line and backing DT's high draft pick just for political correctness, not because he really believes Sam Baker should actually be the starting LT.

But back to the central theme of your post, yes, there have been issues which have kept us from a deep play-off run during this four years of consistency, but this year things have come together in just about every area of need or concern, save the LT situation.

This is going to be an exciting year. It's going to be a fun year for us fans. This team is going to put points on the board. A LOT of points. This team is going to put some QB fannies on the turf. A LOT of QB fannies. This team is going to win a LOT of games against top-quality opponents, which I expect will include a sweep of the evil Taints. This team is going to win a LOT of play-off games. And even better, they're going to win them by playing exciting, aggressive, creative and ballsy football. Drink deep from your cup of Falcon Homer Zombie Kool-Aide people; after all it's going to be a very popular and highly sought-after beverage on Bourbon Street during Super Bowl week.

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We are moving forward. I feel comfortable with the new coaching staff and the draft picks. Ryan needs to just pick up his game in playoffs. I know he can win a super bowl for us. Julio needs to be a play maker. Defense needs to play hard every play because they have talent. With this being said Falcons should be pretty good. 12-4 NFC South Champs

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i think 12-4 or 11-5 is very realistic this coming season but we all know what we really want is a playoff win and as much as iwant a super bowl just a wildcard win would satisfy me this year bc it would be a step forward but of course winning the big 1 in the saints house would make it all the sweeter

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Man that was a good post I agree with all of it. One thing I do like about our HC is right or wrong he has alot of heart and thats important. My personal Falcon dream is for us to go undefeated all the way and win the SB in NO to not only give our franchise its first SB but do it in style as the best team in history (Dolphins did it but only had 12 games, Pats did but lost at SB) of NFL cool.png

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don't need to throw it deep if you've got a reciever that can take it to the house on a slant or any given play.

This is a very true statement. I find it funny that the biggest criticism of our consistently ascending QB--who has been a great starter from day one--has been the deep ball. Really? Considering the deep ball (or balls thrown in air 40 yds or more) is one of the lowest percentage plays in football! Ever check the completion rates and INts for hall of famers like Bradshaw and Namath? They suck because back in the day you chunked the ball as far as you could. If Bradshaw hadn't had the graceful Swan he would have been worse. Bottom line is Ryan can make all the NFL plays necessary in today's NFL and he is good enough on the deep ball to every once and a while make defenses honest. Statistically, i find it hard for Ryan to have done more as franchise QB at this point. Intangibly he means huge things to this team. If we had a re-draft in 08--i'd start with Ryan all over again

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