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Every Position Is Very Important, And Three Or Four Favorite Players Alone Won't Win Us A S B . So This Is How I See It.


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I gotta be honest with you. I can't have just three or four favorite players on our team b/c it's gonna take the whole team to win a SB. I'm more concern about who's going to contribute, even if it's a fookie who made the 53. Three or four players won't win it alone. I understand that we as fans want to recognize our favorite players and that's fine b/c I have more than just three players I would like to see with the ball in their hands, some more than others.

My favorite on offense is the entire starting 11, however, I would replace Sam Baker in a heartbeat with Sviteck and Holmes to follow, and give Manuwai a chance to add some much needed expience at guard.

My favorite defense is the entire starting 11, however, I would find a way to have Samuel, Grimes, Robinson and Williams on the field at the same time, with a healthy Tatupu at middle LB. Our defense has improve tremendously.

Our coaching staff and FO have to have more interconnection on and off the field in order to be on the same page, even if it means getting in each other's ear for some constructive criticism. Nothin's wrong with a good heated argument if it works in favor of the team. That's what I'm for.

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