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Keith Armstrong Praise For Franks And James Rodgers

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Link to Bedwetter Q & A with Coach Armstrong


FLOWERY BRANCH — Replacing Eric Weems, the former Pro Bowl special-teams player who signed with Chicago during free agency, will be a priority in training camp.

“Harry Douglas has done a nice job for us,” special-teams coordinator Keith Armstrong said. “You guys remember the touchdown he had for us versus Carolina a few years ago. He’s obviously a threat to score, and he has a pretty good chance to be our punt returner.”

Dominique Franks and James Rodgers will be in the hunt for the punt-return job. Running back Antone Smith has a shot at the kickoff-return spot.

“Dominique Franks has the ability to become a punt returner,” Armstrong said. “He did a nice job in college at Oklahoma. James Rodgers, Jacquizz’s brother, has been pretty solid out here at minicamp. He catches the ball clean and has some experience as a punt returner.”

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I think HD needs to focus on getting open off the LOS. He needs NO further distractions from his offensive duties. To me he is a guy who has consistently underperformed, based on potential.

I saw Franks return 2 punts last pre-season and that was all I needed to see. He is a NATURAL punt returner. He takes two steps and explodes, just like a certain #21 I used to watch. Furthermore, with the addition of Samuel, Franks is no longer a (potential) nickel starter. So he can focus full time on ST.

Franks is the solution at punt returner. Look no further.

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