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Falcons' new offense under Koetter

11:50AM ET<p class="sub-head">

Atlanta Falcons

Dirk Koetter replaced Mike Mularky as the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Falcons. Mularky found greener pastures in Jacksonville as the Jaguars' new head coach. Koetter now enters Atlanta with a few changes expected within the Falcons' offense.

"Some of the major differences in the passing attack will be more vertical routes with an emphasis on getting the ball to receivers on the move," D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote. "Also, the team will implement a package heavy in screen passes."

The new offense will highlight the skills of wide receiver Julio Jones. The Falcons should be able to consistently take advantage Jones' freakish combination of size and speed within Koetter's new offense.

Jason Snelling and Jacquizz Rodgers are also adept receivers out of the backfield, and they will benefit from the screen game. Rodgers, in particular, will have a larger role in the offense this season:

- Brent Sobleski

Pat Yasinskas

Falcons' minicamp hotspot: Jacquizz Rodgers

"The Falcons repeatedly have said they plan to limit Michael Turner's carries. They also have said they want to get Rodgers, a second-year pro, more involved in the offense. Rodgers needs to use minicamp, training camp and the preseason to show he's ready for an increased role. Koetter also will have to be creative in carving out that role. Turner's a power back and Rodgers is a speed back. The previous offense didn't have a lot of things designed for speed backs. But Koetter fared pretty well with Maurice Jones-Drew in Jacksonville, so I'm sure he's got some new twists for Rodgers."

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And this, my friends is why "Insider" is a rip off. All they do is repeat the same crap that we already know while calling it insider info. At least Dled and Pat Y do that for free. The real insider info can be found, just by following a few twitter accounts, or, if you're me, just waiting for someone else to post that tweet.

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Guest Negatorris

It said that if Matt Ryan loses another playoff game, He, Smith & Dimitroff are all gone...even if the offense can manage to score a point.wink.png

That's the only chance the Bucs will have to get at least 2nd place in the division lmao. ;)

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I want to see Quizz or Snelling on the field someway every other play. Unless I see that Turner has become a better receiver out of the backfield then he is too one-dimensional. If we keep switching back then it will be hard for anyone to predict.

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