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Some Blue Vested Boobie Is Having A Bad Day

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So the son's burfday is Sunday. All he asked me for, in fact, was Diablo III. I said okays, done deal if that's all you want. Soooo I go online and check walmart's prices. Fair enough I thinks, tho they say there is not a copy of it in a store within 50 miles of me. Meh. Ok. I've been burned by that before, so I call the local store to double check. Anyway, I call and ask to speak to someone in electronics, ok fine and dandy, I'm put on hold, fine..5 min. go by and the gal who answered when I first called comes back and asks me if anyone talked to me, I said no and she apologizes and puts me on hold again. Fine and all, things happen and I understand. This happens three more times. Finally, someone picks up, and I ask if they have the game in stock, I get a big heavy sloppy sigh and am told she'll go check. She comes back and says "Yeah I guess". Brilliant. Now being as he wants a copy, and I may also, I ask: How many copies do you have in stock then, ma'am? Answer: Beats me, I guess I'll have to check again, hold on.

Two copies she tells me. (Not letting my anger at incompetence show) Ok fine thankee sez I, I'll be there in fifteen min.

Then I get: "We don't hold anything."

Erm... OK, fine, I never asked you to, but I'll be there within that time and I'll get what I can.

Her: No guarantees .

OK,..fine with me thank you for your time and help.

Her: Did you try gamestop?

Uh no, no, not yet, the closest one is 20 miles away and you have two copies it seems.

Her: Whatever. And she hangs up.

I'm going to Gamestop.

Stupid blue vested boobies.

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I visited Wally world, Wal-Mart just the other day and a customer in the paint department had gotten so upset at being made to wait so long he actually called the store from his cell phone and told whomever answered the phone that he was standing back there waiting for help and was dayum tired of waiting so long.

In recent years Wal-Mart has really fallen offf when it comes to service. They've gotten so big that I don't like to support them because they put tons of businesses out of business. But it seems that back when the family had more control of it (or when Sam Walton was still alive???) they took customer service very seriously and they were good at it. Now it seems like the place is full of lazy idiots all the time; and I'm not talking about the customers either.

Ask one of the employees: Are you totally indifferent, or just plain incompetant?

and the answer is likely to be: I don't know, and I don't care.

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Unless you are getting collector's editions, I would recommend buying Blizzard products (or anything on Steam as well) digitally on their online store. Even IF you buy the actual disc, you still enter your serial key online, patch up half the client over the network anyways, and then you might as well throw the disk away since it is no longer necessary.

Edit: One note... a friend of mine didn't follow this same advice, and purchased a physical copy at Target. It turns out that some thief purchased it, registered the key online, and returned it as "defective". My friend was put in a position where HE has to explain to the blue hair working the customer service dept how the product isnt valid once it has been reg'd. Seriously, do yourself a favor and buy it online.

And get your kid an authenticator!!

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That is more my style right there.

I like girls with some thickness and curves. Maybe not the prettiest face but with gazongas like that who is looking at her face?

Gazongas like that are kind of gross. Her nips will hit her knees by the time she's 30. I like boobs. Big boobs, small boobs, medium sized boobs. But ridiculously oversized boobs will never do it for me.

Pretty face plus any size boobs is way better than ugly face and boobs the size of watermelons.

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You get what you pay for. Walmart pays shite wages, offers shite benefits...guess what? They attract shite workers. Not all, as always, there are exceptions to every rule. I've had good customer service at Walmart before. Though it is about as rare as a Priest molesting a girl.

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