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Pat Ys Top 25 Now At 22

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NFC South top 25: No. 22

June, 21, 2012

JUN 21



By Pat Yasinskas | ESPN.com


We continue our series of my projected top 25 players in the NFC South for the 2012 season with No. 22:

Josh Freeman, quarterback, Tampa Bay

What he did in 2011: After a tremendous first full season as a starter in 2010, Freeman appeared to take a major step back last season. He threw for 16 touchdowns and 22 interceptions. At times, he appeared to be nervous. At other times, he appeared to be forcing things. Freeman was bad, but so was his supporting cast and his coaching.

Why he’s No. 22 in 2012: The front office and the coaching staff firmly believe Freeman can be a franchise quarterback. They think the physical tools, work ethic and intangibles all are there. The front office already has done its part, signing free-agent Vincent Jackson to be the No. 1 wide receiver, drafting Doug Martin and planning to use him as an all-purpose running back and adding All-Pro guard Carl Nicks to an offensive line that looks like it has a chance to be very good. Freeman’s learning a new offense with coordinator Mike Sullivan, but it’s an offense that’s supposed to put him in a position to succeed. Freeman didn’t really have a chance last year because so much was going wrong around him. This year, there are no excuses. It’s time to find out what Freeman truly can do.

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Questions the Bucs will have to answer during the season:

Is Josh Freeman a true franchise QB?

Will Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks be as good in Tampa as they were in their respective teams?

Is Schiano a Jim Harbaugh or a Jim Mora?

How will their defense do without Bowers, and with the only major upgrade being Barron?

Will Doug Martin prove to be a star RB?

We will see.

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Guest S. O. D.

Freeman was NFC South MVP for 2010 season. He can't fall off the list, however I would like to know what Pat was smoking when he made this list.

No, it was still clearly Brees.

Don't let your homerific hatred of the Saints blind you.

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I think pat is pulling this out off his butt right now. Ranking a QB who had more turnovers than TD and ranking the NFC top rusher behind him is senseless. It's like ladt year when he ranked free mans ceiling higher than ryans because Freeman is younger and more athletic but brees is still boss regs less of age. This list is gona get worse when he ranks sproles above turner because he ca catch but makes roddy lower than some saints WR

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