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Falcons Throwback Thursday!

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probably the best finish ive ever seen

Great video was also one of my favorite moments and hope to see many more. Mike Smith was right. Ryan does have it and we will continue to see it and prove some people wrong. Even 75% of the board which is a joke he has to do that. Matt Ryan has definitely gotten bigger since then.

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Guest Negatorris
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfcQcgaxQu8 I thought that game was Huge... Us going against the #1 team in the AFC and the top D... Matt Ryan put in work... The team put in work

Ryan's performance in this game was only ones that smart QBs could do. Players that win with their raw physical attributes would have no chance against Baltimore's D, but Ryan has the brain that allows him to be successful. Fans here are really ungrateful. It's so easy to pick a bust at QB.

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