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The Supreme Courts Rulings - The Hyper Msm's Protection Of Obama - The Fall Out

Guest Deisel

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Guest Deisel

Obama has made a number of missteps while in office, non bigger then his choice of Obamacare over the Economy. He put all his efforts into that legislation, which really wasn't much effort on the Golf course for him, but the committee's who wrote all this worked hard.

The supreme court is going to strike this down in its entirety, IMO. I could be wrong, but all signs are leading to Team Obama already knowing the outcome from Insider Kagan, and thats why the flurry of Executive protection orders for Illegals and the Gay flip flop. He's trying to make some chess moves to shore up support before this Death Obamacare.

If anyone of the Rabid lefty's on this board watched the MSM yesterday, you would already have witnessed the flurry to support, shift blame, and provide damage control over Obama's 2 executive orders this past 5 days. The leftist in the media are so hyper in their excuses, blame Bush, evil Republicans, it got Wax faced Pelosi in a spin with, " PELOSI: 'I could have arrested Karl Rove on any given day'... ". Ah, Mrs Pelosi- ah karl wasn't the AG for Bush.

Anywho - the deafening Roar after the supremes rule in favor of Arizona on Illegals and then strike down Obamacare, which may happen today, is going to send the MSM into a full scale PANIC. It should be interesting.

"Down goes Frasier, down goes Frasier".

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