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Percy Harvin Request Trade

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fire up Madden people...were going in

2013 2nd round pick to Minny for Harvin

4 first round draft picks for Calvin Johnson

5 wr sets


Percy in slot

Julio in slot

Calvin on outside

Tony G /TE

If we had that lineup I doubt any teams would even bother making the trip out to the GA dome! We'd be able to beat 2 defenses at once haha

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Yes, he has frequent migraines, but that doesn't stop him from performing on the field!

It does when he is forced to miss games because of them. But I'd still love him here. I'd primarily put him RB with Quizz and Turner and he'd be the motion guy out of shotgun.

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What's the difference Percy might get one more head injury and retire.


Thing here is that when a big guy get's injured in the area closest to the base of the spine and lower it causes a significant strength decrease, long periods of healing, and a higher chance of reaggravation. Migraines normally do not make you more proned to concussions or head injuries. I use to have migraines myself and it did not affect my play.

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